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Originally Posted by geekmaster View Post
Can you get an SSH shell in diags? If so, there are some commands to try. You can find out why it cannot finish booting from the startup messages in the logs, using the "dmesg" command (and others).

On the dd, the bs=4K just makes it run faster, but other than speed there is no difference. Where did you get the image you wrote to the main partition? Did you use SSH or a script? Can you access the diags menus? Can you access your kindle as a USB drive? Can you talk to it with the fastboot program? What errors are reported in the startup logs?

Unless you have a hardware problem, one of the methods mentioned in the debricking threads has to work. We need more information to know exactly why you are having problems with your kindle.
I got image here
I used SSH, I can access diags menus, I can access Kindle as a USB device, I can talk to it with fastboot program.
I didn't understang how exactly can I get startup logs.

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