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Collections duplicating w/"@" sign on PC Kindle app...

New Kindle Touch owner here...been eReading on Android for a while using Kindle app, Nook app, Google Books app, etc., but decided I wanted to try a dedicated eReader, so got the Touch this week.

One area of confusion (as in Amazon's implementation causes my confusion ) is keeping collections in sync between my PC and the Kindle.

I created collections in the PC Kindle app, and sync'd them to the Kindle using the Import collections option on the Kindle.

I then modified one of the collection names on the Kindle, and downloaded a number of books to it and they appeared in the appropriate collections as I had set them up on the PC, so that was all good.

I then went back into the PC app and it said there were new collections to import, so I said OK and selected my Kindle from the dialog that appeared.

So now I have duplicated collections, per below, and both Autobio (initial name created on PC) and Autobiography (renamed on Kindle).

So what is the right process to clean this up, and to avoid it in the future...why can't the PC app/Kindle tell that they are the same collections, or that I've renamed Autobio to Autobiography on the Kindle and update that properly?


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