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"Fast Driver" - *finally* working annotations

EXPERIMENTAL - "Fast Driver" version of 2.1.2:

*Finally*. I bought a 903 to replace my late, lamented iRex DR 1000S, which died a month or two after its maker went bankrupt, hoping that someone would eventually get annotation working properly on the 903. The 2.1.2 fast driver version finally does. (well, it's still a bit buggy, but it's usable)

I use the PB for reading 2-column non-reflowable PDFs of scientific papers, and it's slowly reaching full usability. Remaining issues:
- nothing we can do about the display size - it's sized for full-res A4, not letter, so there are going to be some trade-offs.
- zooming is dreadful. You only have the choice of a few pre-defined zooms, when the one you want is guaranteed to be halfway between two of the settings, and there's no way to adjust the vertical position. (horizontal adjustment was added a few releases back)
- shrinks the window when you turn on note-taking, and there's no ability to zoom or adjust window position when in note-taking mode.
- bluetooth has issues - my mac always complains "File type not accepted" (although it goes through if you hit the "yes, damn it" button), bluetooth keyboard is useless, etc.
- it would be really nice to have a way to adjust how dark/light the rendering is. I remember a long time back they had a release which made text much more readable, but there are still a lot of scanned PDFs which are unreadable without sub-page zooming, which defeats the whole purpose of having a page-sized reader. (which is for dealing with things like "as seen in figure 1" at the bottom of the page, when figure 1 is at the top...)

I haven't looked into the SDK - is there any chance that zooming (especially for Adobe reader) can be tweaked by those of us with only public SDK access? What about rendering darkness/lightness?

Peter Desnoyers
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