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Does anyone know if using a Chinese TTS pack would work with the KT?
The KT does display Chinese characters, but I'm not sure if the TTS will read the Chinese characters even if there is a free Chinese voice pack?

I don't want to risk bricking my KT. Thanks.

Originally Posted by ixtab View Post
Yes, of course. It's actually just a simple matter of renaming the usertts files appropriately. I'm attaching the perl script that I used for generating the german packs (meant to be used on Linux).
Edit: Does the KT only allow 1 male and 1 female voice pack at a time? In other words, are you just renaming the "Tom" and "Samantha" voice packs with the Spanish male and female voice packs?
Or does adding several males and females voice packs mess up the KT TTS because the common/pp.dat is configured for 1 male and 1 female voice packs?


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