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Change font by editing ePub CSS

I just got the nook simple touch, to replace by prematurely deceased 1st-gen nook. With my previous nook, I had created a CSS stylesheet that displayed the text the way I found most comfortable (spacing etc.). I am now attempting to do the same with the new reader.

I want to know how to set the font in the CSS. I have tried changing the "font-family" attribute of different elements, like "body", "p" etc., but nothing seems to effect the text on the reader. All the other attributes are picked up. What do I have to to do to change the font to, say, Amasis or Gill Sans, using the CSS? Since I can't specify the font in the CSS, it's set to "Malabar" when I use Publisher Defaults.

One thing I found annoying with the new reader is that the text options are either-or. You can either have the ability to change the settings, like size, font, spacing and margins, or you can enable "Publisher Defaults' for your own CSS tweaks. Turning the latter on and attempting to change any one aspect, like the font, disables the entire CSS information (apart from a few things, like paragraph spacing).

With the 1st gen you could have your own CSS and still change any one aspect, with only that aspect being modified. So now I have to specify the font in the CSS too, if I want any tweaks to display a non-Malabar font. Does anyone know how?
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