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Question Covers I've applied don't download to my Nook Color ...

I'm just setting up my library in Calibre (fabulous program, BTW!). Have done really well, removing the DRM and converting to epub books for my new Nook Color. But, I've run into 2 snags, can't find an answer.

1. Some epub books I got from the Gutenberg site don't have covers, so I applied covers found from Amazon or Google. They show in Calibre, but when I download to my Nook, they don't show ... still has the ugly brown book. I even tried opening the book file in Calibre, found the "cover.jpg" file and copied to my Nook thumbnail file (renamed to match the book file name). Still doesn't show on my Nook book list. Is there any way to do this???

2. The other snag; in Calibre when I click on the "Device" or SD card, it's supposed to show a list of books on the Nook. But, they are blank. Yet, when I click on "Library", it indicates the books in main memory or the SD card. Anyone know why they aren't showing up? A fix?

Thanks, this is lots of fun, GREAT program for organizing ebooks. And, nice to be able to shop for Amazon Kindle books too and just convert for my Nook!
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