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Hi geekmaster, this is exciting stuff! So glad you were able to reproduce my Kindle's fastboot behaviour. Just to clarify my observations, I believe that I also lose fastboot when I reboot the computer (which probably loses power at some point), and when I am running WMware player with Ubuntu in Windows XP (via Bootcamp), switching on that USB device within VMware also drops it out of fastboot, despite the Kindle being physically plugged in the whole time. Perhaps there is a power interruption there too. However it sounds like the same thing didn't happen for you using VirtualBox, to emulate a PC within linux? (I'd be trying virtualbox for the PC right at this moment if it wasn't a big time investment, due to running out of space on my bootcamp partition) Can't wait to hear if your hub idea works, because that would definitely be another way for it to work for me.
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