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Smile Will think about the symlink

Thanks for the suggestion on the symlink. I will look at it again. Now I am just enjoying my revived Touch ...

Originally Posted by geekmaster View Post
The gitbrew forensic image is 5.0.0.

Too many books can brick a kindle 4 (mini) or 5 (touch) because the collections database is stored on /var/local (mmcblk0p3) which is only 30MB and the system bricks if it is full. One (good) solution is to copy the collections db to /mnt/mmc and replace the one in /var/local with a symlink pointing at the copy on /mnt/mmc. The system will then use the copy on the (much larger than 30MB) USB drive and STOP filling the tiny /var/local partition. There is info about the collections database file name and its location in various forum posts, but I am too tired right now or I would look it up for you. Anybody here care to post its name and location?

And perhaps somebody can write a to copy and symlink the collections database would be nice too, but be careful to check for one already on /mnt/us. You do not want to kill it by copying a symlink on top of it if somebody runs this more than once. Better to check that you are copying a file and not a symlink, and not to overwrite an existing file. In other words, just be careful so you do not trash a collections database. Thanks...

And for people comfortable with SSH and linux commands, there is an even easier way to repair a bricked kindle touch (or k4nt):

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