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Originally Posted by Novo View Post
You can use the GUI Launcher to control MPlayer:
- play playlist (edit the "playlist" file with notepad to edit streaming URLs)
- play all music in "/music" folder
- shuffle play all music in "/music" folder
- pause, stop, prev, next, mute, volume up, volume down

Next I want to figure out:
- how to make a better menu
- how to access MPlayer settings faster (in case of too loud music)
- how to display current played song at the display.

Question: is it possible to get a home button double click event?
I think messing with the home button is a UX convention taboo.

Does your "edit the playlist file" mean users can select specific MP3 files from a menu display of all the MP3 files?

I have a large number of MP3 files audio books. The current Kindle Touch MP3 player only allows sequential play of the audio books, and I have to scroll thru a lot of files to get to the audio book that I want. I can not view all my MP3 files from the KT, and have to USB connect to the PC to view from the PC. Also, when I exit and return to the MP3 player, it starts back to the original first MP3 file, and not the last played MP3 file to pick up where I left off. If you can add these 2 functions, that would be a great time saver. Thanks.
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