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Unhappy Answer for Andipersti


Thank you very much for your help. I appreciate.

This is very interesting. You're the first person who seems to have the same problem as I do.

The problem is that the very limited outline creation feature ("Bookmark this page" - ctrl+b) of djvusmooth produces an outline that apparently the PB DjVu-viewer doesn't understand correctly. (I don't have problems with the desktop "DjView"-viewer)
I can create a fully functionning outline using djvusmooth. It is recognized by djview4 on my computer. But the DJVU-viewer on the pocketbook won't understand it.

I also share the same feeling about the complexity of the outline. The more complex it is, the less the PB is likely to render it ("deeply nested ones").

But I tried the command-line way of creating an ouline (using "djvused"). The result is the same as with djvusmooth. The outline works on my computer. The PB refuses to recognize it.

You can find the test file here. I applied this structure :
    ("Famous 1" "#V8wxn8mOn6.djvu")
    ("Famous 2" "#x2PYHndHQX.djvu")
    ("Famous 3" "#eZWxg90SKk.djvu")
    ("Famous 4" "#UerZSvTnJc.djvu")
    ("Famous 5" "#H5HvnYogtP.djvu")
    ("Famous 6" "#81yerJ7OGm.djvu")
    ("Famous 7" "#8J8cWqgtoa.djvu")
    ("Famous 8" "#Qw3LnZed1V.djvu")
    ("Famous 9" "#GR64GQQ41g.djvu")
    ("Famous 10" "NO7eX83xqh.djvu")
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