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epub validation error -- image not reachable

I have created a book using InDesign that is using a jpg image for its cover, which I can pick in InDesign before creating the epub. When I load the epub in Sigil and validate it I get this error:

OEBPS/Images/cover.jpg not available This resource is present in the OPF <manifest>, but it's not reachable (it's unused).

This book will be for Amazon, so I convert it to mobi with Calibre and open it with the Kindle Previewer. The cover seems fine to me. I also have placed this same jpg on the first page of the book, perhaps that's an issue. The cover.jpg is indeed within the epub file.

In any case, I don't know whether I have a problem on my hands or whether I should just ignore this and submit the book to the Amazon store.

Thanks for all comments

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