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Thanks for the help and some questions

Hi cscat and geekmaster,

thanks for the scripts. I managed to recover my Kindle Touch. It was previously stuck at the Kindle Home Screen for a week plus until I chanced on this forum.

I would like to ask a few questions now that my Kindle is back on track.

Some Background on what I did to recover the Kindle

I did two things before the kindle came back. The first is that I treid flashing the "mmcblk0p1.img" from the Gitbrew Kindle Touch "Forensic" Images. I did that using the scripts where I inserted the following lines in geekmaster's sample scripts on the first page. I inserted the following lines after this line "mount /dev/mmcblk0p1 /mnt/main"

dd if=/mnt/us/mmcblk0p1.img of=/dev/mmcblk0p1 bs=4K
dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/mmcblk0p3 bs=4K

I did Magic Reboot when MfgTool was in Diag Mode.

Nothing happened and I was returned to the Diag Mode Screen on my Kindle
It all happened very fast like under a sec. Hence I do not think this image was flashed. Correct me if I am wrong.

After that I ran cscat script as detailed below.

Surprisingly, the Kindle came back. I checked my Kindle Firmware version and it is Firmware Version 5.0.0(1370280073)

Question1: From what you have seen in my description, is the firmware running now a forensic one or one that is originally in my Kindle?

Question 2: I see that there is now a Firmware Version 5.0.4. If I were to update this on my Kindle Touch, can I increase the stability of my Kindle?

Question 3: If I were to upgrade to 5.0.4, can I still use cscat's method of factory reset? I see some of the other methods mentioned by geekmaster and I am not too keen to try them if my Kindle bricked again.

Question 4: My Kindle bricked after I transferred some files using Calibre to it. I am running version 0.8.41 of Calibre. Any chance that this might be the cause?

Thanks once again for all your help. I am not an experienced Linux user so having you all write these instructions are a great help.

Originally Posted by cscat View Post
Yoohoo! My Kindle is back on her feet!!! Wow!

My advice to those who have bricked their device OR the brickers of future generation is to not give up at all. I tried I think more than 50 times rebooting and trying different combinations of files and in different modes (main and diag) and this is the way I (read geekmaster) debricked my holy Kindle which had dust on it (not used for months in shelve ):

1. In MfgTool, select diags mode
2. MAGIC REBOOT which is {push reset button + Magic button as our geekmaster said}
3. In USB folder, copy data.tar.gz and this

mntroot rw
echo "Goddamn! Geekmaster is Awesome man!" > /mnt/us/holycrap.txt
4. Then do MAGIC REBOOT still in diags mode.
5. Now you should have holycrap.txt file on the USB of Kindle.
6. Push Stop button of MfgTool and select main mode and push Start.
7. The do MAGIC REBOOT again.

UPDATE: You might have to boot in main mode one more time (repeat steps 6 and 7).

Guess what? Your little gorgeous Katie is back home!

Geekmaster: You deserve a BIG HUG from me and the whole community. Just wanted to say your time and effort will not be avoid and sometime some where in future, it will do good for you. Thanks man.

Also, is this image from a 5.0.0 version of Touch firmware?

EDIT: One headache in working out this debricking procedure is that novice end users don't know when to go in main mode and when in diag mode, when to push start button and when to stop, things like that just add to the frustration of it... I suggest adding one "just give me something that works" step-by-step instruction (like my 7 steps) that just does the job in the original post.

If this didn't work for you, here's my 2nd that I used to happily recover when my KT bricked in a very strange way for second time!
mntroot rw
dd if=/mnt/us/bak/mmcblk0p1.bin of=/dev/mmcblk0p1 bs=4K
mntroot ro
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