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Originally Posted by grammy57 View Post
What I want to do with my Nook is to be able to add the Kindle app so I can also read Kindle books. If this is even possible? I have a second hand Nook Classic. This is the info I was able to get Serial # 10036**********, Firmware 1_2_2_1_6AP Software 1.7.0. I have other numbers if needed. So, will I be able to add the Kindle app and if so how?
Thanks for any and all help.
Yes, you have two approaches:
(1) Make an N2A card (these are also sold), which will sit in the micro-SD slot. When it boots up, you can pick between the open system in the SD card or the original B&N system. Instructions here.

(2) Do a manual noot of the kernel. This lets you install the Android market apps right on the B&N home screen. Instructions here. However, look in your system information ~ if its not 1.4.2, first upgrade the stock kernel, because upgrading the stock kernal removes the root, and the process has to be repeated (there's a way to prevent this for people who spend the $3 for the SQLite database manager).
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