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In case it's useful to anyone else. The workflow I've been using for now is fairly convenient, but It would be nice if some more of the manual steps could be removed.

Tools used:
Mendeley (organizing/sanitizing the name of pdfs)

unison (efficiently copying

bash script

1) Configure Mendeley to watch a downloads folder, and automatically copy the files to a new folder, renaming them according to Author-Year-Title, as described in this blog post.
2) use unison to sync the organized papers directory maintained by mendeley to my device. My unison profile
# Unison preferences
root = ~/papers
root = /media/boox/docs
fat = true #the M92 uses a fat32 file system
3) create a bash script to call unison, and create a recent-papers directory on my device since it can't sort by date (


unison -batch -ui text boox

mkdir -p $RECENT_DIR

ls $PAPERS_DIR/*.pdf -t | head -8 | while read p
        let i=i+1 
        bp=$(basename "$p")
        if [ -e "$OUTFILE" ]
        rm -f $RECENT_DIR/$i-*.pdf
        echo "$OUTFILE"
        cp "$p"  "$OUTFILE"

Then to get a paper from my browser to my device, I:
1) save-as to the folder watched by mendeley
2) plug it in via USB
3) run
4) eject/disconnect USB
5) navigate to the recent_papers folder, and open the paper.

Not so bad, but could definitely be improved...

the new software added to boox-opensource

looks promising, as it should provide an FTP server that would allow us to transfer papers wirelessly, and hopefully it can be combined with a callback to open the pdf too :-)
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