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Originally Posted by geekmaster View Post
Try changing the idme bootmode variable to "main".

You should be able to boot to diags, and then use the "disable diagnostics" menu.
OK, I've done that and can now see a message that says:

Code: not found check device settings
Or in diags SSH (or in a do "idme -d --bootmode main". You can do "idme ?" to see that they current bootmode var contains.
[root@[192_168_15_244] root]# idme -d --bootmode main
Devmode enabled
Reading vars from temp storage...
...None found, Copying vars from /proc
Setting bootmode to main
Writing new vars to temp area
You must reboot before new values will take effect
Running "reboot" over the SSH console at this step has successfully managed to get the Kindle to shut down and reboot.

Once again, thank you.

Other than that, with regards to your last comment: There are no hacks installed on this Kindle; at least not yet. ;-)

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