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Ok, I just spent a bunch of hours getting Ubuntu running inside vmware on Windows XP. Fastboot tool (the binary on this thread) behaving as expected. Kindle in fastboot mode, shows up as Lab126 Kindle in the Removable Devices menu. However switching from Windows to the virtual machine seems to involve virtually unplugging it: "A USB device is about to be unplugged from the host and connected to this virtual machine." And unplugging it invariably makes my Kindle leave fastboot mode, so it's not too surprising that we're still <waiting for device> in Linux. Like murz_07, my Kindle never shows a green light in fastboot mode, no matter what combination of presses. Unlike him, the Kindle does not show up in the lsusb list on the linux side. I also get the message, after about a minute "USB connection to Kindle 126 unsuccessful. Driver error." I think I'm in a really bad spot. Any ideas for things to try? Is there any point to trying VirtualBox?
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