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Originally Posted by afv011 View Post
Can you open the epub and look at the location and name of the cover image?

I just opened a sample epub, the cover image is here:


It may be that the nookColor looks for a file with "cover" in it.
Remember that the shelves and the home page are different programs.

From my experiments, one set of conditions that ensures that the Home Launcher recognizes that the ePub has a cover is:
  • The Cover Image ~ I use cover.jpeg ~ in the top level
  • The Cover Image as the first item in the manifest with id="cover"
  • content.opf is in the top level, not inside OEBPS

It may be that the minimum is less than this ~ this is after a set of experiments with the result of Calibre turning a shortcut ePub without a cover into one with a cover in converting the ePub with the Nook Color as a target.

I have used this to make an ePub web shortcut that uses the cover image as a fake icon and has only one page in the spine, so the shortcuts are right there when you open the ePub. If substantial functionality is available through an m. or touch. version of a site, you can get around some sites not having an app in the store.

I was surprised that taking a working Link Shortcuts ePub and putting the content.opf inside of OEBPS confused things, it may be a difference between what the Home Launcher can do on its own, and information that it is handed by the stock reader app (title and author, after all, show up on the grey box that is the alternate when there is no cover image shown).

Project Gutenburg which always puts content.opf inside OEBPS would never show its cover, unless a filter is written that relocated the cover image and the content.opf to the top level of the internal ePub file hierarchy.
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