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Originally Posted by clyman1 View Post
I have read so many posts about the rooted nook color. I have just gotten my rooted.
How is it rooted?

(1) Manual noot ~ stock kernal
(2) Install alternative kernel (eg, CM7) on flash in NC itself
(3) Install alternative kernel (eg, CM7) on bootable SD card

I have the kindle app, which is fine for Amazon books. I have the nook app and it only shows the books I've d/l'd from the B & N website. I have about 40 epub books that are on the NC right now - but they won't show up in my Nook Library (just the B&N books show up there).
Yes, that annoys me about the B&N PC book reader too.

How can I "find" my epub books that are already loaded on the device and be able to read them on the device? They are on the reader in the .docThumbs file, so I know they are there, but I can't access them.
That's where the type of rooting makes a difference:
(1) Just use the stock NC ebook app on a rooted stock kernel, the stock ebook app reads open ePub books just fine.

(2) If you have flashed a different kernel into the NC, install another ePub reader app from the Android market ~ Aldiko, Goodreader, etc., using the Nook ereader for Nook DRM ePubs and the other one for ADE and open ePubs.

(3) Either boot into stock and do (1), or install another ePub reader app and do (2). The confusing thing with an SD card install is keeping straight that the stock side and the SD card side can sometimes think of the same partition in different ways ~ from the stock side its "over there on the SD card", and from the card side its "part of my base file system". I no longer use an SD card install, and never got that deeply into it before deciding to go the route of rooting the stock kernel.
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