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Originally Posted by sherbearjt08 View Post
Hi. I've read a million posts on here and now I have some questions.

I have a NC with CM7 from June 2011. I know I need to upgrade but I am looking at a newer ereader.

1. Storage - I have an 8GB card with tons of books and have 5GB left, so 8GB would be a minimum on storage.
Physical storage: ++ Nook Tablet, ++Kobo Vox, --Kindle Fire
Cloud Storage: ++Kindle Fire, +Nook Tablet, +Kobo Vox

2. Apps - I buy from BooksonBoard a lot. That is Adilko, can I get that on NT or Fire without rooting?
Don't need Aldiko to read BooksonBoard DRM'd ePubs on a Nook, but do need to sideload from a PC via Adobe ADE. Kindle Fire needs to sideload Adilko, since its stock reader is not an ePub ereader. Kobo Vox can load Aldiko, and AFAIR its an ADE system, so it may be able to read BooksonBoard directly.

++Kobo Vox, +Kindle Fire, +Nook Tablet

3. epubs - alot of already downloaded books are epubs from Smashwords, etc. How can I get them on to either device?
DropBox or USB will copy books onto any of the three, or copy onto a microSD and plug into a Nook Tablet or Kobo Vox. Kobo Vox and Nook Tablet read ePub natively, Kindle Fire need an app.

++Kobo Vox, ++Nook Tablet, +Kindle Fire

4. Books - I find myself buying more from Amazon than B&N.
Kindle Fire is the best portal to Amazon, then Kobo Vox since it can install the Android market directly and Kindle Android app without muss or fuss, Nooks bring up the rear.

++Kindle Fire, +Kobo Vox, -Nook Tablet

5. Movies and music - haven't used my NC for either
All three are fine streaming video media tablets, all three have Pandora, all three let you download MP3's from DropBox and play onboard. Sound on the Kindle Fire should be better with stereo speaker. Nook Tablet 16G has the best Netflix performance if you have enough bandwidth at home to max Netflix out.

Streaming & Music, headphones: ++all
Streaming & Music, speaker: ++Kindle Fire, +Kobo Vox, +Nook Tablet

For Amazon Prime members, Kindle Fire is best. Kobo Vox would be second, despite being the lower powered of the three, because its easier to download Amazon's apps for Android.

Amazon Prime: ++Kindle Fire, +Kobo Vox, -Nook Tablet

6. Rooting - would prefer not to, if I can just download an app and change some settings. Definately need to access whichever store I don't buy the reader from. (I am going to get a new SD card and do a new card to upgrade my NC, but its a pain not to be able just to use something from the box)
Vox is open, Kindle Fire needs sideloading, Nook Tablet needs rooting to get beyond the small B&N market.

++ Kobo Vox, +Kindle Fire, -Nook Tablet

7. Games - i do have some games that I downloaded to my NC that I like to play, but not alot.
All three have the horsepower to play smartphone-oriented games, so I'd expect this is the same as the rooting ranking:

++ Kobo Vox, +Kindle Fire, -Nook Tablet

Decide which of your criteria are your highest priorities ~ its possible to sort those criteria to make the Kindle Fire, the Nook Tablet or the Kobo Vox come out on top, so its a matter of what your priorities are.
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