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Fire - Nook Tablet or Other??

Hi. I've read a million posts on here and now I have some questions.

I have a NC with CM7 from June 2011. I know I need to upgrade but I am looking at a newer ereader.

1. Storage - I have an 8GB card with tons of books and have 5GB left, so 8GB would be a minimum on storage.

2. Apps - I buy from BooksonBoard a lot. That is Adilko, can I get that on NT or Fire without rooting?

3. epubs - alot of already downloaded books are epubs from Smashwords, etc. How can I get them on to either device?

4. Books - I find myself buying more from Amazon than B&N.

5. Movies and music - haven't used my NC for either

6. Rooting - would prefer not to, if I can just download an app and change some settings. Definately need to access whichever store I don't buy the reader from. (I am going to get a new SD card and do a new card to upgrade my NC, but its a pain not to be able just to use something from the box)

7. Games - i do have some games that I downloaded to my NC that I like to play, but not alot.

I did buy the Fire but freaked out and returned it when I saw it did not have expandable memory. (now I wonder if I really need it for what I use it for). It was a really nice device. The NC is heavy, and that I don't like. Would I use it more as a tablet if I could - maybe. The NC is very slow. My main concern would be getting epubs onto the new device and getting to Adilko, Moonreader (epubs) and either Kindle or B&N App.

Or maybe there is a good tablet out there for around $250?

Appreciate all the input.
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