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Originally Posted by PF4Mobile View Post
As long as Nook Touch runs fine on Android, M92 should also be OK.
This is a _very_ questionable statement.

The Nook Touch has a different SOC inside, a TI OMAP3621. That one contains a PowerVR SGX530 gpu. This is an old 3d video accelerator, but it does have OpenGL ES 2.0 capability. While the Freescale iMX508 used on most modern ereaders doesn't have anything like that, no need for 3d acceleration in a ereader. So it won't run anything that makes OpenGL calls (and those doesn't have to be 3d related, 2d is accelerated too). That means that Beryll's list doesn't mean a lot in the context of other devices than Nooks.

Which is probably why ereader manufacturers aren't storming to install Android on their devices, because what would be the point of that? Android market? If this is such a great idea, why doesn't Nook come with it? Why do you have to root it first?

One word: control.

Can you guarantee your device will run every possible app out there? Apparently you can't with the given hardware. Which is why widespread Android in ereaders is a Pipedream, at least during the current generation. Maybe next...
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