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InDesign issues...

First of all, new to this site, so forgive me if this is the wrong place to ask this. If it is, please help me find some people that can help me with the following issues:

I designed a childrens book in InDesign, so, we are talking about full page illistrations with words on them. I made an interactive version, that has animations and sound when you find hidden objects on the page. There are also ambiant sounds that play on page load. Some of the animations and sounds must play at the same time when you hover over an object. When I export this to Swf, it is a wonderful experience. Page turning animations, sound, full animations on the pages. Everything works great. However, as you know, e-readers do not play swf files. Now, I know I can add the swf files to a pdf with InDesign and wind up with animations working well. However, you loose all sound, because you can't import the resourse folder back into InDesign. If I just do a strait export to pdf from InDesign, I get my sounds, but NO animation. I want a e-book and i-book compatable interactive document that has sound and animations that work. InDesign seems to not quite be the right tool for the job. If not, what is? I do not know how to write code, or use html scripts, so, that is probably over my head, but, is there a tool I can use accomplish this goal?
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