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Originally Posted by ixtab View Post
The font sizes are not set by me. It's the opposite actually: the font sizes that are selectable on the details screen have been taken from the .mobi reader (i.e., they correspond to the sizes that are selectable in the reader).

As to the "invalid font directory", double-check file and directory names. Also note that upper/lowercase matters! (e.g. "Garamond regular.ttf" would NOT be considered).


it works I was blind! I used other spelling in the names of the fonts than the folder name.

Perhaps, on your next release you can explain in the readme file:

"The name of the font has to be named exactly like the folder spelling, e.g.
Folder: Palatino Linotype
Fonts: Palatino Linotype Regular.ttf - Palatino Linotype Bold.ttf - Palatino Linotype Italic.ttf - Palatino Linotype Bold Italic.ttf"

You are great !
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