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Thanks for the info!

I emailed Bookeen on Thursday about the screen, but they didn't respond today so I suppose I'll have to wait until next week to hear back. I'm glad the process is quick once it gets going though.

To be honest, I'm a little annoyed that they replace the whole Cybook, not to mention that it's old hardware. It wouldn't be a big deal without DRM, but a new PID is certainly not a good thing if you've bought a bunch of books that you can no longer use once the device is "repaired."

Most of my books are from BoB, and I have one PID "slot" left, but I was hoping to save it for a next-generation reader (I imagine that we'll be seeing plenty of new and improved readers over the next couple years). It sucks to waste that last slot on a device I already own!

Anyways, thanks again for all the info. I'll post my experience next week when I hear from them (*crossed fingers*).
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