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Originally Posted by PF4Mobile View Post
Please note that those are not really comments, where you see that scribble/writing "second" each letter is a comment.Do you really want that ? I doubt it
Well i definately can life with it. I was afraid, that the scribbles would only appear in the expensive Acrobat. But they are everywhere available, the corresponding page number in the PDF is shown and they work as links!

I think i could even find a positive thing about how it is currently implemented: the more PDF-comments, the more was written on that page.

And if the developers will have implemented the most important things on their to-do list, it shouldn't be impossible for them, to offer a possibility to let the user decide, when he wants to end a comment and begin a new one when scribbling on a page.
I think we have a very solid base how it is implemented.

It an abuse to call them comments, I do not really understand why it is so.
I guess this is coming from Adobe. If you create something linkable like that, it is called "comment" in PDF-terms.

My advice: go and buy the damn thing, it works believe me
At 99% i will. But i want the black version, so i still have time to learn more about it before the final decision.
But what i have learned today, has convinced me that it must work quite well already with the current firmware. But with the implementations that will come it should become an almost perfect reader for academic reading - and the best out there hands down.

When I was about to buy M92 JBC surfaced and I was split between the two.
I ruled out PB9xx becuse its inability to export comments/annotations properly
That was the case one month ago ...not sure if that changed
I do not want to go back to look
The CPU of the M92 is much faster.
Have you seen on jbaach's videos how long the 9xx takes for highlighting text? It are these aspects, that decide if you can work productively or not.

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