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They already can be merged automatically into a new PDF.
Free PDF readers show a list of all scribbles as comments and clicking a comment links to the correponding page in the PDF.

Highlights of text:
Can be exported as TXT (with personal annotations? i.e. adding text like the page number?)
How is the TXT-file handled, if the PDF is closed and later the highlighting continues? Is the data appended to the existing file, an additional file added, or the old file overwritten?

Confirmed work (Booxtor) already in progress:

*Highlights of text will be stored in PDFs, too ("Merge highlights along with scribble into new PDF").

*Annotation information visible in Table of Contents (ToC).

*Hide and display scribbles and/or annotations on pdf files on the M92 at will.

*Chronology for each book (let say 10 or another configurable value) opened pages in a book. So a reader can easily go for example to a register/addendum and back to the last read page (show taskbar let say by long holding the OK button)

*Column Zoom mode - navigating along column with buttons, flipping to other column at end/beginning of current column

*more than one open book, "multitasking"
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