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Fast replacement of Reader with Broken Screen

I wondered about starting a new thread, or posting this in one of the Broken Screen Threads in the Gen3 Troubleshooting subforum.

I decided to post it here, because what I mainly wanted to say was that I was impressed by the Bookeen customer service.
(And I have previously complained about them not replying to emailed bug reports)

My screen broke, I sent it back to Bookeen, paid them some money, and got a replacement very quickly.

I just assumed that the known to be fragile eInk screen cracked internally due to my mishandling. However, after just reading some of the broken screen threads here, I now wonder if I wasn't totally at fault after all.
Too late to make a fuss I guess, I now have a replacement for a total cost that was 2/3 for what I originally paid.

I do definitely intend to get or make a hard external case to go outside of the Bookeen brown leather cover that clearly doesn't adequately protect the fragile reader.

I discovered the readers screen was cracked internally, and unusable, when I got it out of my pocket to read while waiting in a queue.

It being Winter here, I had on a jacket with big pockets, and the reader in its leather case had been in the jacket pocket for four short car trips since I had last used it.
My assumption was that the mechanism of injury was a twisting in the pocket, with the reader unfortunately positioned between my body and the car's seat belt.

Anyway my main point is that I sent my broken reader back to France, and now have a replacement reader.

I thought it was appropriate to note that the process was painless (other
than financially) and Bookeen's service, both as regards email communication,
and turnaround time in sending the new reader was admirably prompt.

I was interested to discover that they didn't replace the cracked screen in
my otherwise working reader, instead they appear to have replaced the whole

The exterior case is obviously new (lacking my name on the back and the
grooved my finger nail had dug into the navigation button), with a different
serial number, and the PID has changed, which I assume means it is a
different motherboard.

It is the same original edition of the Hardware as my earlier reader, with
64/54 MB available Flash, vs the newer version with 512 internal.
Also it came with the older v1.0 Build 538 of the OS, (rather than the v1.1
Build 685 to which I had upgraded).

The navigation button on this new case seems easier to push and less stiff.
Perhaps just my imagination, but IIRC that is supposed to be the other change with the newer edition.

I don't know how Bookeen calculate their serial numbers.
I am certain that they have not sold 700,133 devices in three months.
The reader that was new in March was #2104549, while this is #2804682
Perhaps the 8 as the second digit indicates a replacement unit, or some other lesser change ?

If anyone is interested in some more pictures of a broken eInk screen

I emailed them requesting a RMA number, and received one six hours later.

I note that the trip from NZ to France with DHL stopped at more places
enroute than the faster return from France to NZ with FedEx.
(The shipping cost was essentially the same, each way, at just under US$50,
and the repair was EU100 - approx $150 US)

Note that my old reader arrived in France on a Friday, and the new one was
shipped on the Monday.
In between they emailed me a website link at which I paid for the repair and return shipping.

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