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Aren't you contradicting yourself here?
Originally Posted by PF4Mobile
Scribblings are the only ones you can currently merge with your PDF on an M92. There is no chance you could navigate between them
They are stored as layers. As far as I remember you can see how the layers are grouped in Adobe Acrobat.
So why should that
But with special PDF-software it is possible to show a list of all scribbles, because they are stored as comments.
be wrong?
I have seen on a picture somehwere (i guess it was Acrobat) with an opened PDF including merged scribbles, where they were called "Comments" and were shown in a list.

The other parts you have colored in my text, are not from me but from the M92-Wiki-wishlist and all are marked yellow as already work in progress. Booxtor already has confirmed that the Wiki-list is correct.

You can find the Wiki-wishlist here:
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