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Can't get it to work!

Argh, this looks useful but I can't get it to work on my KT for some reason. Here's where I'm at:

I have a folder "FolderToggle" in the extensions folder, and inside are folders "profile1" and "profile2", with a config file and two sh scripts, and I have "Home Folder" (no quotes) in the first line of the config file in the folder "profile1"

I have a folder called "Home Folder" in documents, with a book inside that I want to show and hide. I'm not familiar with the Kindle and what constitutes a "Book" but I've moved both the folder for a book and what seems to be an associated .azw file for that book into the "Home Folder" directory.

I have not edited the menu.json file at all.

The Launcher menu has been installed and does work with other hacks such as the orientation hack.

When I go to Launcher/Profiles/Hide Profile 1 Nothing happens. When I go to "Show Profile 1" the KT reboots.

I'm totally unfamiliar with the KT and it's file structure so it's probably something stupid I'm doing (or not doing!).
Any suggestions?
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