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Originally Posted by Pablo View Post
I am trying to write an ePub tutorial "for dummies", starting with HTML and CSS and later Sigil.

I am aware there are thousands of online HTML/CSS tutorials, so why yet another one? Well, because not everybody has the time or the patience needed to go through them, so I thought I could write some no-fuss quick and dirty guide covering the basics.

I just finished a draft covering HTML and CSS (in 7 pages, screenshots included) and would like some feedback to know if it is worth the effort.

Disclaimer No. 1: I am not an expert. I am still learning.
Disclaimer No. 2: English is not my mother language. So if you read something funny, please tell me so I can improve it.



I just uploaded a new draft with more on CSS and an introduction to ePub


I just uploaded a new draft covering Sigil and basic book formatting


Uploaded the final version.

I tried to embed the font using following method
add existing files at fonts folder and creating css as you said but to open my ebook in calibre ebook reading software in my PC it is not opening and showing that DRM BLOCKED". what to do now?
Thanks in advance
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