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Originally Posted by frostschutz View Post
Don't see an attachment, but taking any PDF file and giving it that name (including the folders), causes the loop for me.
Sorry, forgot to attach it. I just did.

Originally Posted by frostschutz View Post
It's not a hardware issue. You can send the device back but it won't help you, best case you'll be without your reader for a couple weeks, worst case they claim the display is broken or whatever ... better not risk it, esp. considering the workaround is so easy (just pick a shorter name)
I totally agree with you. I don't have the intention to send it, but to get a fix. It's so strange that they cannot reproduce it, I don't understand the reason.

You're right about the simplicity of the workaround, but I haven't found a way to automatically identify and shorten the longnamed files. Considering that only in the folder of my studies I have more that 25.000 files, it would be a pain in the a** to manually find them. Maybe I should focus my energy in finding a way to automatize that job instead of getting a fix from iRiver. By the way, I'm a Linux user.
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