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I know that readium is in it's early stages but it's a first step

I've been checking the new features present in QtWebKit-2.2:

Support for HTML5 media (audio/video)
HTML5 File API (
Typed Array (
HTML5 Hashchange Event (
DeviceMotion (
CSSOM View Module (
Spatial Navigation
Touch Events
Geolocation API
Progress element and meter element
Viewport meta tag
Canvas element
Application cache
Web SQL Database
Web Storage
CSS Animations
CSS Transitions
CSS 2D Transforms
CSS Text
CSS Masks
CSS ScrollBar Styles
Native JSON parser

And I infer from your answers that It will be much better to start a new project in order to support epub3 writing from scratch. It will be suitable for example using Qt 4.8 that includes qtwebkit 2.2 and wait for better html5 support from webkit project.

The idea is that this new application could grow side by side and evolve until html5 will become a finished definition.

What do you think? Is it something foolish?

Originally Posted by KevinH View Post

Looking at and getting the source, you see it is nothing more then an *incomplete* set of javascript pieces you add on to the Chrome Web-browser (and why only chrome I have no idea ...) to see some features of epub3 in the browser. This is certainly not a "reference implementation" of anything.

You would be better off helping to add HTML5 support to QtWebKit if you want most applications to actually support ePub3 (including future ebook readers).

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