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Originally Posted by yugami View Post
there are 4 chunks of the 4 gig internal memory (which is a single chip soldered into the main board) that are publicly exposed inside the edge. These add up to about 3.5 gig

ubi:system 329928 168456 161472 51% /system
ubi:userdata 329928 183104 146824 55% /data
ubi:cache 330400 36 325528 0% /cache
ubi:storage 2668352 387296 2276220 15% /intstorage

the remaining storage is probably the boot and restore sections that house the kernel image and the code that knows how to access on external memory.

One of those "others" you mention is intstorage which is the actual mount point of the internal memory Looking inside that directory you will see it contains a vfat.img file which is the actual filesystem you access when accessing the internal memory. This is mounted via a loopback device to the directory /intsdcard

the directory /sdcard is simply a link to the directory that is the mount point for whatever storage you selected to use. so if you selected SD Card if you did an ls -l on the root directory you would see a listing like so

sdcard -> /mnt/sdcard
yugami, do you know how to fix a problem with a vfat.img file? I think that's my problem. For some reason my /intsdcard is empty and the /sdcard has all the info. I'm trying to make it a link to the correct file, as it seems that it is the issue. You can read all about it here:
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