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Originally Posted by Faw View Post
As reward for your help, here is the fixed script. It can add collections with spaces now, also it didn't added collections (or books) with apostrophes on them. Now it adds those as well.
Unfortunately, it does not work for me - or at least I am getting the whole thing wrong.

I do see the menu entry within GUI Launcher and I am able to select 'create collections' but while doing so the window disappears and literally nothing happens. The screen again shows my sent items unsorted and cluttered.

I have had a look into the script's code and figured out that the screensaver is being suspended for the work to be done, while it is activated again and forced to become active (press of power switch is being simulated) after the script has finished it's work. Thus, I expected to go into screensaver mode after all collections have been created, but nothing happens...

I have two questions in this regard:
(A) Does this only work on an english Kindle Touch? I have localized the Kindle already...
(B) Is there any progress bar or so in order to figure out that the Kindle is in fact working on something while sorting the collections? I have no indication, but the regular screen...Thus, I started it over and over again and asking myself whether I should wait even a bit longer?

How long does it take on your Kindles to create the collections?

I understood that the collections are created based on my folder structure within the documents folder. Am I right?

Also, the first version of the script have had some issues with directories containing spaces. This issue could be easily fixed by renaming all folders and/or replace all spaces by underscores - though, I haven't tried this yet.

I am clueless at this point whether I am doing something wrong or the script is not working properly...


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