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Originally Posted by dave2008 View Post
I have finished the jump keeper feature. The jump keeper menu can be invoked by "B" key. Also you can jump between current page and previous page with "Alt + Back" combo.
that was an exemplary piece of work.
Thanks, looks nice.

Have tested a couple of the last versions quite extensively
and here're my observations (in an arbitrary order), which hopefully would be found useful

1) cropping works great. But I think the display is a bit larger than the visible area, that's why it would be better to add a small margin (a couple of pixels). I believe I would not be the only as I heard this suggestions many times from users regarding how the CoolReader (?) works.

2) TOC: nothing big, but some lines contain a special symbol at the end of the line (an empty box), others don't. Maybe it is just me.

3) when the auto screen rotation mode turned on, if you turn your kindle to the landscape mode, the kindle bookshelf shows up. To get back the 'kindlepdfviewer', you need to press a button the 'kindlepdfviewer' can recognize (page forward /backward, 't', 'b')

4) it is not possible to call the (font) menu in the 'search results' window

5) the way the 'kindlepdfviewer' refreshes the page at exit is not quite clean.
If I was on page 3 in my kindle bookshelf, when starting the 'kindlepdfviewer', I return effectively to page 1, after exiting the 'kindlepdfviewer'. But the status bar says I am on page 3, so I still need to refresh the page.
On kindles, the page can be refreshed with the combo ALT + G.
With the exception of KDXG, which has firmware 3.x installed.
For some reason undiscovered, that combination does not work there.
The workaround is described here (

6) it would be great if we could switch between the 'kindlepdfviewer' and the kindle bookshelf (in the CoolReader, it is done using shift + alt). Then, it would be possible to use some apps (e.g. KindleNote).

7) the wish for the future regarding the 'jump feature'. It would be great if we could see additional information to every line in the 'jump keeper', and not just pages. If the page coincides with a page referenced by the TOC, that line could be added in the jump keeper (e.g. with the remark 'TOC' to make clear it was taken from the TOC). Likewise for bookmarks or notes (when/if they become available). I just hope the performance would not deteriorate.

8) Also I believe the 'BACK' button would be more convenient when going to the previous page used (instead of the suggested ALT + BACK). The less moves have to be made, the better. That would obviously mean, there should exist an alternative way to close the book (which is currently done with the use of the BACK button).

9) then, there's a problem with one book I have. At the moment, I'm not sure if it has something to do with the 'kindlepdfviewer'. But the kindle native viewer has no problem with the book, neither is there a problem in the Duokan pdf viewer. The 'kindlepdfviewer' has, on the other hand, visible performance problems. It literally hangs and has rebooted my KDXG (currently using kindlepdfviewer-ed761ac), while I moved around the the book's TOC. Also, the book has only 144 pages, but I saw a reference to page 251 in the 'jump keeper'.

Is it correct it is currently not possible to jump to say to page 100?

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