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Originally Posted by Jim Chapman View Post
Thanks for reporting the issue. I have tried to reproduce it using my Calibre/Freda setup, but I can't. That probably means that there's some difference between our Calibre configurations ... . So to help me investigate the issue, can I ask you to do a couple of things for me please:
Jim, sorry I didn't reply earlier.. I somehow missed the email notification of your response.

1) I've just emailed a copy of "The Economist" to you from my Calibre folder.

2) Yes the metadata for these news epubs is very long, and deleting it seems to fix the problem, although not immediately. After deleting the metadata I was immediately able to successfully download to my bookshelf in Freda, but when I selected it to read in the bookshelf it crashed again. However when I restarted Freda (it may have been the second or third time, I'm not sure) I successfully selected and opened to read.

3) I've also just emailed the logfile corresponding to "The Economist" file in 1 above via the "email for support" button.

Many thanks for your responsiveness. With your 2nd suggestion I at least have a workaround I can use in the meantime.
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