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Originally Posted by dave2008 View Post
Next, I think it's better to add a help menu which displays all the shorcuts. There are too many shortcuts now
Again, great update and your work.

1) Personally I think it would be better not only to implement something like a help-menu, but also a real settings menu invoked by pressing a MENU key (something similar to the original Kindle menu when there is an opened book). I know that this would need a lot of work and, mainly, stabilized and finished all major setting features. However, it is quite clear that a first-time KPDF user would expect settings under a Menu button and not trying to remember a whole bunch of shortcuts.
When talking about a "grafical" settings interface, there does not necessarily have to be all the features - just the most common and the most used ones -> eg. rotate screen for 90 in all directions, possibly rotate for other values, fit page to width/height, gamma control, zoom etc.

2) And another feature request (however only as an option) - detect the text structure in PDF and wheather the most of the PDF is blank (eg. text only in upper left corner), then automatically zoom to that area. In best case this can also lead to collumns recognition. But again, there should be the ability to turn that feature off because it can be annoying in some cases.

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