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Kindle Touch freezes when books uploaded from Calibre

I have a 2nd gen Kindle and upload books from Calibre without a problem. Just got a Kindle Touch and when I load it with the books I have in Calibre (.mobi), I can read the books fine but when I am paging through, the Kindle freezes after a few pages (at p3 of 10). It flickers after a while and jumps to the last page. If I try to swipe back by touching, it will then freeze again and eventually jumps back to page 3. Each time it unfreezes and before it jumps it loses some of the list of books on the page. Where there were 7 books listed on the page now it only shows 3. Where the other 4 titles were, there is a line of dots but no title.

After many hours on the phone w/Kindle Support, they sent me a replacement. Same thing happened w/the replacement. I'm now waiting for Kindle Touch #3 but I fear it will happen again. I have tried uploading the books by connecting and uploading directly to the Kindle, which is what I did with the Kindle 2nd generation and also by saving to disk on a desktop folder and dragging each book doc to the Kindle hard drive on my desktop.

Any thoughts or help would be appreciated.
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