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Originally Posted by geekmaster View Post
Sleep? What's that? I hear that you can sleep all you want to after you are dead.
Yeah, no doubt that's true. Alas I find sometimes if I try too hard & too long to fix some particularly annoying problem, it's better to give up and leave it till the morning when I will be more likely be able to think clearly again.

I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.


You can reset the "needs repair" boot counter by adding this to your

echo 0 > /var/local/upstart/lab126_gui.restarts

Thanks, I'll try that.

And you must delete RUNME.done to enable to run again after you change it.
Yes, I am aware of this.

Sometimes you also need to replace missing or damaged files that the factory reset does not do (especially if you applied one of the "no big brother" or "no special offers" hacks).
The device has not been modified in any way. The only change that was attempted was the application of the original Amazon firmware update binary.

I have recently come to the conclusion that all this complicated repair work would be unnecessary if we could just flash our firmware back to a virgin "factory fresh" condition.
Absolutely. As much as I am no great fan of Apple and abhor their restrictive approach & iTunes, the way they have set up the backing up & restoring of iPhones & iPads is precisely what the Kindle needs as well.

And we can, using the fastboot tool (see the "fastboot manifesto" thread). The only problem is that a partition backup image contains proprietary amazon code and script files, so could be problem. Even so, there are Touch mmcblk0p1.img "forensic" image files available if you know where to look (gitbrew).
I guess also for those people who have more than one identical Kindle - like me - it should be relatively easy to just copy the healthy image across.

Anyway, thanks again and I'll play with this some more next weekend as I won't have any spare time till then.


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