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Device: Kindle Touch WiFi is a special setup. I didn't plan to post here but I contacted a specific developer on the forum to hire him and he suggested I post to the entire forum.

I've been using Kindle since a month after version 1 came out. I am aware of the speed differences between eink and lcd. EInk speed is totally acceptable if I could get it on top of my android phone features.

But eink is not as slow as my test of VNC Server/Viewer with a droid and the Galaxy Note over Wifi (without eink to slow it down more). I imagine if I bought a Nook, rooted it, and connected via VNC, it would be even slower.

How do I turn the kindle into a touch screen interface for my phone? Is that possible?

The killer apps for me are in this order: #1 Evernote, #2 Kindle Books, #3 Gospel Library, #4 Web/Email, #5 Contacts (and I absolutely love the interface to my galaxy note - pen input and handwriting transcription).

I would really love my all-purpose mobile device (for most people, it is their phone) without the light-emitting screen. I've been waiting for someone to create it for 4 years now and I've consigned myself to the fact that I'm going to have to create myself a custom solution if I'm ever going to get what I want.

Hoped to get a few insights or someone interested in taking on the project for pay among the Kindle gurus. Forgive me if it's too specific a post for this forum.
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