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Device: Kindle Touch WiFi
Interface Android Cell Phone via Amazon Kindle Touch

Project: Interface with Android Cell Phone via Amazon Kindle Touch (blog post with photos)
Background: I have spent so much time on computers over the past 10 years that my eyes hurt me when Iím on a screen that produces light for too long. I get headaches. This pain makes it difficult for me to do things that I would like to do on a computer (like planning and writing in my journal), but end up doing on paper because of discomfort. The problem rules out almost all devices except for non-light emitting screens like eInk. The problem is that mobile devices that support eInk do not support other applications that I would like to use. For example, the kindle does not support Evernote, which is my favorite journal and idea application. My cell phone, on the other hand, does support Evernote and other applications that I would like to use. It also connects to the Internet from anywhere. Itís way faster than the Kindle.
Hardware: Samsung Galaxy Note (on AT&T, not unlocked), Kindle Touch (5.0 Operating System), Timbuktu Case

Objective: I want to be able to interact with my cellphone operating system through my Kindle Touch screen. I want to see the interface I have on my phone on the Kindle Touch. I want to be able to touch the Kindle and interact with my cellphone.

I've talked to a half dozen developers about what they would charge to do this for me, with no solutions so far. Here's a history of my work (with photos).

Any insights or developers here that would have suggestions about how to approach this or interest in developing it for me for hire?

Thanks in advance folks!
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