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Hope this doesn't stray too far from the point of this thread, but has anyone succeeded in compiling the fastboot tool for Windows? MfgTool works only for Windows, and I only have fastboot for OS X, so I have to keep rebooting to go between them, since I use Bootcamp on a mac, very time consuming. I *think* I have got my Kindle of Black Death into Fastboot mode with MfgTool, since it pops up "Found New Hardware - Kindle", which it doesn't do in the other modes, but when I reboot the computer and run the fastboot tool in OS X it isn't able to connect to the Kindle. Hoping that my fastboot mode isn't hooped too - maybe running it while I'm still in windows would work. Otherwise my only way to progress is going through custom u-boot images, which definitely stretches my ability.

Something weird about this black screen mode: when the battery runs down (which it seems to do fairly fast in this mode), it displays the "plug me in" symbol, but more importantly mounts an (inaccessible) USB drive, just as it did before the blackness descended. Just some clues I'm pondering.
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