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Originally Posted by Begemot View Post
What Android based tablets have the "easiest on eyes" screen for prolonged reading of largish PDFs?
E-ink sadly lacks the fast page flipping and zooming in/out that is desirable for large technical PDFs.

2nd requirement: the device should be relatively open to rooting, that is I want to able to load 3rd party e-reading applications. I do not wish to play in a walled garden.

Size: 7in-10in is fine, weight should not be over 1kg..

Price: $150-$300


Acer Iconia A100, A500:
Plus: Tegra 2 dual core CPU
Minus: price ~$300, unsure how suited these are for prolonged reading, seems to get mixed reviews
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I can report my personal experience with ICONIA Tab A500.
It is a good tablet, indeed.
I have to admit I haven't played with e-readers like kindle more than a few minutes in fairs and shops, but I don't feel good with them.
With an Android device you can make a lot of useful things, like having some applications for e-mail reading and web browsing.
But also playing games (chess), viewing some movies during the lunchtime (when you're alone or on the train) or writing notes and ideas.
I don't know if there are readers that can do the same, but I doubt it.
Also the illumination that lets you read also in the dark when you're wife is sleeping is great. Are there retro-illuminated e-readers ? I don't remember that kindle or others have it, but I could be wrong.
The only problem that I can report is about the USB devices management.
Accessing to a pen-drive or to other devices connected to the USB is a tricky job, you don't know how to find the folder path, also because it stays in the root of the file system.
So you must have a file browser that can access to the root of the file system, because the standard one simply doesn't see the folder.
The programs can access and see the files with ease: for example the Adobe PDF reader correctly sees all the PDFs that you have on your USB device, as well as the e-book readers app do.
Also you can copy or move them, but to access to other files not recognized by the applications you have installed is not so easy.
Reading is beautiful and relaxing, also in negative mode whith those e-readers that allow it. The resolution is good and the fluidity is quite all right now with the new O.S. update.
Also the dimension of the page is quite close to an original book, so for me is better that a small e-reader like kindle, because I'm not precisely a hawk...
I'm happy with it and I can sincerely suggest it.
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