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Thanks geekmaster, happy to hear that there is still hope even in the heretofore unimagined new land of fuckedness my Kindle has arrived at. I knew it was dangerous to mess around with fastboot, but I am 1) impatient, 2) curious to learn things, and 3) able to afford a new Kindle. I'm just enjoying the journey - hopefully with the bonus at the end of my Touch coming alive.

I realized that since MfgTool still works for me, there are a *few* more moves I can try, namely the Main profile and Fastboot profile as well as Diags profile. By some unreconstructable series of steps, I even got the tree screen up at one point, though no usb drive, but then the next thing I tried put it back to black. (I also saw the tree screen with the amazon logo at one point, though I have no idea how I did that) So I probably will keep messing with it, but not anything too extreme, while I eagerly await any progress you may make.
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