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Page breaks

Hi - Wow thanks for your very kind reply.
For my own personal reasons I would like to keep the pages separated as per the bible and by doing so will make me persist in sorting this issue out for further publications that I may undertake.
Anyway, all of the files are in text and not pictures and view perfectly in Sigil but as we know Sigil does not export to mobi only e-pub
I will try that suggestion, however where do I enter that code. Do I have to edit every single HTML page in an editor with that code at the end of every page or something ?
If I add my saved e-pub file to Calibre, I can convert to mobi but it does not give me a separate page for example : Page 1 displays fine but you have to scroll down to see page two right under where page 1 ends which I don`t want as it is rather messy.
If you have any other ideas of where I am going wrong please tell me or if you think your suggestion will cure my problem then I will of course give this a go. It really is a rather tedious way of doing it though as I would have thought that although each and every page was OCR scanned from book to HTML that each file would be recognised as a separate page in whatever program converts it into the desired format but obviously not lol !
Thanks again
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