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Downloading APK files

I finally got into my Android Market account on my laptop. I decided to try to download the Merriam Webster dictionary, and run it through APKfixer, as I could not install it direcdtly to my PE. I could only get the file as far as the Android library, after that I could not see a way to actually down load the APK file. Any tips? I looked for it on Freewarelovers and SAM, but it's only on the Android Market or the Amazon Market and neither will allow me to download the file...


Originally Posted by vicinc View Post
Some tool from Ptsenter to make apps more compatible with edge. Please test and report.
This is a windows tool.

There are a couple of major reasons apps refused to be installed on PE.
1. when there isn't enough space. Installer takes care if it.
2. some missing components of Android - any version of Ermine takes care of that.
3. app prefers to be installed on an external memory (SD card).
It appears to be a bug in Android in this case and the installation crashes.
Examples are Baby Names and Merriam Webster.
This utility fixes the app to allow it to be installed on an internal memory properly.
It's Win utility. It requires apktool to be already installed and functional.
To install just extract directory from the zip.
To run open Command Prompt, navigate to just created directory and submit


(no parameters).

It opens dialog box where one can select <name>.apk in question.
Select the apk, click Open or just double-click on the name, wait a few seconds until dialog box disappear.
There is a new directory <name> under ApkFixer.
Under that directory there is dist directory.
Within dist directory one can find new fixed apk.
This fix might not work for apps NOT from Android Market because they're often not signed.
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