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Originally Posted by DiapDealer View Post
Even if SVG styling is supported in ePub (and I have absolutely no idea if it is), why would you be trying to use it to style basic text?
I'm making the text as scalable vector graphic so it will always be sharp, no matter how big or small the reader's screen is and the text needs to be in exact place on the page. I have children's book and the text needs to be inside a speech bubble. So, I'm using SVG elements to wrap my picture and then put text on that picture to correct places.

Originally Posted by mmat1 View Post
Maybe chapter 2.5 at are useful for you.
Are the devices you mentioned (ADE and iBooks) "SVG-ready"? There should be something written in the manual...
Thanks for the link. I have checked that before and yeah, it mentions "CSS styling of SVG must be fully supported." Problem is that reading systems doesn't necessarily support everything what they should

I have been testing my SVG elements with ADE desktop reader, Sony PRS-505 (ADE RS) and iPad. Problem is that only SVG inline styles work but not inline or external style sheets. It's quite frustrating to write into every SVG text element the same styles

If I give a class for my SVG text element and style that class with normal CSS styles, some styles apply for that text element. For example, font-size works well but if I give two different font families, it doesn't work. Example:
PHP Code:
.someclass {
font-size"20px"/* works perfectly */
someclass {
font-family"Baskerville"/* works perfectly */
someclass {
font-family"Baskerville, Arial"/* doesn't work */

But if I give two font-families as an inline style for the SVG text element, it works. I guess I forgot to mention but all the SVG style sheets (inline or external) I tested, worked well on modern web browsers.

So, I'm still wondering am I doing something wrong or have other people ran into this same problem that inline and external SVG style sheets don't work at all and normal CSS style sheets in SVG elements work variously in EPUB reading systems.
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