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Originally Posted by geekmaster View Post
You can recover a damaged kindle from Diagnostics mode by mounting the root partition and replacing missing or damaged files on it. You can also replace the root partition with a copy of a backup image file.

To recover from a full /var/local (collections database too large), you can delete files in /var/local, or you can copy /dev/zero onto /dev/mmcblk0p3 to destroy /var/local, and the next reboot will create a fresh empty /var/local.
Hi geekmaster, is there a Diags mode option to mount the root partition? (which I understand to mean mmcblkp1) I saw a menu item somewhere called Mount nfs but it didn't do anything. Otherwise I've only seen "USB device mode", which mounts /mnt/us. As you mention later on in the thread, and I can verify, approaches using data.tar.gz + don't work if you have a full /var/local - the data.tar.gz file disappears, but the script is definitely not executed (even after I pared it down to one "touch" statement) So if I can't get into the root partition, is your new jailbreak the only way forward? Or would it be worth trying a fastboot approach?
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