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SUCCESS!! Thanks everyone!

AnemicOak, I followed your directions and it worked almost perfectly! There were just a couple of differences/odd things, which I'll note here in case it helps anyone else with the same questions.

After I installed Adobe Digital Editions on my desktop, I logged onto myLibrary (my kobo account) and clicked on the "Adobe DRM Epub" button next to one book. The popup box asked if I wanted to open this file or save it. When I chose "save it", the file appeared to download but it did not ask me where I wanted to save it. After the download I did a search in windows explorer and found it had been saved in my "Documents and Settings/Downloads" directory. I right-clicked on it and selected "open this file" and it opened Digital Editions and showed the book being loaded to my Digital Editions library shelf. After I closed Digital Editions, I noticed the file had now been copied to my Digital Editions directory, so I deleted it from the "Documents and Settings/Downloads" directory as I didn't want to have two copies taking up space on my hard drive.

For my second book download I selected "open this file" instead of "save it". This time when the download completed, it automatically opened Digital Editions and showed the book loading to my Digital Editions library shelf. But it still saved it in my "Documents and Settings/Downloads" directory, so I still had to delete the duplicate copy from that spot.

Then I connected my Vox to my computer and it did indeed show up as an icon in the left hand menu of ADE, so I just dragged and dropped the files from ADE to the Vox.

Then after disconnecting the Vox from my computer, I opened Aldiko and went to Home-> SD Card-> Digital Editions and saw my books listed there. YAY! From there I tapped the menu button (middle vox button), then tapped "Select All", then tapped "Import to Aldiko". And voila! my books are now in Aldiko for me to read.

Lessons well learned and much appreciated - thanks again you guys! (if it wasn't for this forum, I would certainly not be liking my vox anywhere NEAR as much as I do.)

edited to add: just learned how to give karma - cool!

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