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Yep. I tried deleting everything from the Kindle then just booting up with only and data.tar.gz on there, where contains:

mntroot rw || exit 1
test -e /mnt/us/RUNME.done && echo "Not running, RUNME.done exists" && exit 0
touch /mnt/us/RUNME.done
echo 0 > /var/local/upstart/lab126_gui.restarts

It tries to load up a number of times, each time the bar gets about half way though, then it goes to the "Repair Needed" screen.

When I plug it back in the 'RUNME.done' is there and the 'audible' and 'documents' folders are back so I assume the factory restore has been done.

RUNME.err contains nothing and RUNME.out contains:

system: I mntroot:def:Making root filesystem writeable
Not running, RUNME.done exists

So I assume it tries to run more than once.

Any more suggestions before the Kindle Touch goes in the bin?

Many thanks again for all your help.
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